Race Into the New Year

Tulsa, OK

We are using this event as a fundraiser for our Friends of Sean Lewis & Kyle Miller, many of you know they desperately need a newer more reliable vehicle, (& they would never ask for help on this themselves).

Their van is 21 years old, has run over 217,00 miles & is on its last legs.  They have gone 2 summers with no A/C (can you imagine?!) the floor is corroded (they use a wooden plank to prevent Sean‘s chair from falling through), & the motor is almost worn out.  Over the years it has had a great deal repaired & replaced but it is honestly futile to put more money into this completely worn out van.

This is where we come in!

What a newer van means to Sean & Kyle is literally ‘living’, it’s the daily life things we take for granted; independence, Dr’s visits, getting groceries, going to Church, going to the Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges, taking part in Ainsley‘s Angels runs & cycle races, Community events, it’s what makes life varied, enjoyable, it’s inclusion, participation, it brings the outside world in, & it’s essential.

Sean is an inspiration to us all; he is an encourager, he will pray & fight a spiritual war for every one of us and he ahd Kyle are true beacons of light in our community.  Kyle & Sean live on a fixed income; they do so much with what little they have, but would not be able to afford a replacement for this van themselves.  A newer (used) van that has been converted for wheelchair use will cost $40 - $60,000 depending on the year/model/mileage.  

I believe with the help of all of the people who have come to know, love, & be touched by Sean we can raise the funds needed to purchase a vehicle. What is in your heart to give? Will you be generous & make a difference? Please make your donation today, our goal is to raise the total amount in 1 week & Kyle/Sean will update daily on the amount raised.  

Thank you for your support!

Questions? Contact:

Kathy Bratton
RunnersWorld Tulsa
3920 S. Peoria
Tulsa OK, 74105

This is not a 501c3 charity and does not qualify for a tax exemption.
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